Retiring in Mexico


With its relatively small tourist trade and beautiful setting this low cost paradise is beginning to attract the watchful eye of the retirement community in Canada and the United States. Recently voted the one of the best places to retire by money magazine, La Paz Mexico is quickly responding to the foreign retirement communities’ interests.

When it comes to blending the best of both worlds La Paz ranks high, blending it’s peaceful friendly nature with that which people have come to expect in the form of modern amenities. While still considered an inexpensive city La Paz has grown to include several new multimillion dollar developments and retirement communities with excellent medical facilities and in home care.

Retirement in Mexico has also become relatively simple with the host of benefits that can be realized by living in the Baja California Sur. La Paz is still considered the frontier of Mexico and therefore shares a lower tax rate for sales tax and import tax, as well all foreign vehicles do not require special permits and can be used in the Baja for as long as you require. Immigration has also become a very simple process and for visits longer than 6 months a temporary tourist passport can be applied for at low cost. This visa is called a FM3 and can be obtained at your nearest Mexican consulate or when you arrive here in Mexico.

We find that the normal concerns of the retirement community include those of medical care, convenience and security. La Paz has many excellent hospitals and some developments with in home nursing. La Paz has the translated name of the peace in spanish, this is quickly realized with the sense of tranquility that the city enjoys. All this combined makes this an excellent city for retirement or the raising of a family.