Property Ownership



Property in Mexico has become a very lucrative investment. The Mexican government has made owning property in Mexico safer and easier than ever before with  rules in place to protect the non-Mexican landowner. These rules have been formed to protect ownership rights and to promote the sale of Mexican Real Estate to foreign investors.

Foreigners may not buy or own real estate within 60 miles of an international border or 30 miles of a coastline and Baja Sur property ownership is not exempt. Because of these restrictions The Fideicomiso or Mexican property trust allows safe ownership for foreigners within these areas. Much like an estate trust, a Fideicomiso gives a foreigner full rights of ownership within these restricted areas.


When it comes to selling your home or lot in Baja, we believe a good agent and agency will open all avenues possible to sell your property, cooperating with other agents and agencies to find the right buyer for your property. At Land’s End Realty we prepare your property and paperwork. When the right buyer is located nothing we will assure a smooth closing process, contracting and handling offers in a fashion that creates a secure environment for all involved in the transaction, with a satisfactory outcome in a timely fashion.